TSW Guide to Signets

TSW Guide to Signets

Locations and Quests

Signets are items in TSW that can be applied to Q10 gear.  These apply an effect to the item in manner of either a proc or item boost.  Dropped signets are acquired at a green level.  In order to acquire blue or purple signets, you must combine 10 of one type of signet in your crafting interface.  Once you apply a signet to a piece of gear, it can not be removed.  Currently, signets represent the “long haul” for gear progression.  A single purple signet requires 100 green signets of a single type.

Signets are divided into Head & Weapon, Head, Major and Minor slots.  

Signets can be acquired in a number of ways.
(1) Random drops off mobs, from dungeons, and lairs.
(2) Rewards from Quests.

I have confirmed that blue signets are rewards from signet bags (quest rewards).  This means it is even more critical to do your signet quests on recycle.

TSWGuides'  Blue Signet drop from Quest Signet Bag

Besieged Farmlands

  • Foul Banquet
  • Ripples
  • The Girl who kicked the Vampire’s nest

Shadowy Forest

It is unclear, at this time, whether signets are always rewarded by these quests or if these quests have a random chance of giving a reward.  However, in every case where one of us has gotten a signet, the other person has as well at the same time.


The other locations you can aquire signets are via farming.  Some farming locations are:

(Zone – Around Coordinates – Area – Special Signet Drop)

  • Kingsmouth – 885, 650 – Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
  • Savage Coast – 550, 190 – Suicide Buff
  • Blue Mountain – 600, 500 – The Quarry (Best spot for minor signetfarming)
  • Scorched Desert – 170, 650 – Sol Glorificus
  • City of the Sun God – 500, 620 – The Reformatory
  • Besieged Farmlands – 850, 1250 – St. Haralambie
  • Besieged Farmlands – 982, 480 – Cucuvea’s Tree
  • Besieged Farmlands – 254, 703 – Mara’s Field – Resilience, Reinforcement
  • Besieged Farmlands – 380, 1080 – Observatory – Resilience, Reinforcement
  • Besieged Farmlands – 640, 900 – Giant’s Table
  • Shadowy Forest – 540, 421 – Hell’s Row
  • Shadowy Forest – 790, 590 – Chapel of the Prince
  • Shadowy Forest – 910, 460 – Mirewood – Violence
  • Carpathian Fangs – 1112, 290 – Monastery of the First Mother – Fury
  • Carpathian Fangs – 720, 360 – Roman Baths – Vigour
  • Carpathian Fangs – 940, 730 – Red Hand Compound – Corruption
  • Carpathian Fangs – 770, 530 – Zana Springs – Laceration, Valour


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10 Responses to TSW Guide to Signets

  1. Miatog says:

    Thanks a ton for the quest list! Been using it for a couple days now.

    Though, confused why you added Six Feet Under, I just did it and got a glyph bag. Does it have a chance at a signet or is that just a mistake?

  2. Akarin says:

    I’m not so sure Violence signets drop in Mirewood. I farmed it for the first time tonight for a long time. I did end up with 3 major healing signets (Amelioration), but no Violence. After a couple nights of Roman Bath farming, I finally got a Vigour major so that seems accurate.

  3. Mittay says:

    Violence does drop at Mirewood, had two so far.

  4. Will Skyfall says:

    From Patch 1.4 notes:
    * All the repeatable solo nightmare missions should now reward a Signet Reward Bag.
    * The missions Cellar Door and Fungal Fireworks will no longer award a Signet Reward Bag, but will give out reward in line with their difficulty.


    What quests are included in the set of “repeatable solo nightmare missions”? That could potentially be a large set of quests . . .

  5. Murphy says:

    While this may not be all inclusive have found these Quests so far to give Signate Reward Bags.
    Besieged Farmlands

    -Foul Banquet (Father Lucien)
    -Red Hands Aren’t Idle Hands (Tracking Device at the end of Foul Banquet)
    -Ripples (Vampire Hunter)
    -Scarecrows for Dummies (Note at the end of Ripples)
    -Girl Who Kicked The Vampire’s Nest (Zaha)
    -Blood Sample (Onyx Box at end of Girl Who Kicked The Vampire’s Nest)
    -Revenge Served Hot (Celine at the Windmill)
    -Herbal Essence (Fallen Blajini during Revenge served Hot)
    -The Cost of Magic (Zaha)

    Shadowy Forest

    -Knight of the Draculesti (Tibor)
    -Fatal Framing (Romany Corpse during Knight of the Draculesti)
    -Crossroads (Mosul)
    -Last Dance of the Padurii (Anastasia’s Wagon)
    -Free Spirit (Root Cage during Last Dance of the Padurii)
    -Root of the Problem (Large Spore Pod during Last Dance of the Padurii)
    -The Draculesti (Milosh)
    -The Wild Hunt (The Iele)
    -Fatal Fungi (Fungi during The Wild Hunt)

    Carpathian Fangs

    -A History of Violins (Callisto)
    -Contagion (Smiths’ Computer)
    -The Girl is Gone (Lidya’s Terminal)
    -Too Deep (Smiths’ Computer)

    Scorched Desert

    -The Last Legion (Khalid)
    -Scattered to the Wind (Item mission by Khalid)

    City of the Sun God

    -Eye of Horus (Thutmose)

    Blue Mountain

    -The Filth Amendment (Orochi Computer in the Van)

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