TSW Lore

TSW Lore

Locations for Lore Updates

Welcome to our new and improved TSW Lore page.

The new page takes advantage of embedded Google docs and is more consistent with the layout for our Builds and Mods pages.  Unfortunately, this means we lose the user comments from our previous pages.  But, this gives us a single, centralized comment area making things easier to keep up to date.

In the table below, you will find our entire outdoor TSW Lore database.  Dungeon lore locations can be found in the respective dungeon overview.

TSW Lore locations are sorted into tabs based on their primary locations.  This is more consistent with the way TSW records items into your lore guide.

The exception is that we have placed “peoples” in the region their lore is obtained.  So, Wabanaki lore is in Maine, Marya lore in Egypt and Draculesti lore in Romania.

Additionally, we have split the global lore into two components.  TSW Lore that relates to one of the secret societies (the three factions, Orochi, Phoenecians, Kingdom, etc.) lands on one tab with the game wide global lore (Buzzing, the Filth, etc.) receiving its own tab.

TSW Lore locations that are completely filled out are ones that I have picked up myself.  If a reader has commented on the location, but I have not yet obtained it, I have it listed as a note.  As soon as I pick it up, I complete the full table and credit the submitter for the find.

There is one big problem with the lore table though.  I got a bit lazy assembling the Romania lore.  Instead of keeping a table, I simply annotated my in-game map.  Unfortunately, at times I omitted the lore # in the annotation.  If readers can correct this, I will happily credit the submission.

The table is not yet complete.  If you find lore that I don’t have tabled, please submit it as a comment below. Once I get a chance to verify it, we’ll add it to the lore list and credit you for your discovery.  Additionally, readers are encouraged to check out the comments themselves.  Lore tends to be one of many projects I juggle and there are sometimes lags between reader comments and table updates.

The TSW Lore Listing


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12 Responses to TSW Lore

  1. Vitril says:

    Lore 13 for Illuminati is at New York 279, 392

  2. Shàde says:

    i found one at 294;399. im not sure but i think its number 6

  3. Dave says:

    Blue ridge mining lore 2. 469, 580 Running jump from cliff top.

  4. Dave says:

    The Franklin Mansion, Lore 7 Moon Bog, between a tree and cliff face 980, 538.

  5. Dave says:

    The Franklin Mansion Lore 9, 612, 605 Cave guarded by pair of Ellri Destroyers, dropped QL10 loot.

  6. Mike says:

    Lady Maggie Lore 1 is at 508, 250….second # off a bit

  7. ziboo says:

    The Illuminati lore piece #5 is behind the porta-potty at 353, 436.

  8. Mycroft says:

    You can find the 10th Illuminati lore piece in the Sewers at 332, 324

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