Unbound Ak’ab

Previous Boss – Dark House Sorcerer

The next section of Darkness War pits the party against everyone’s favorite Solomon Island creatures: the Ak’ab.  This moth boss fights similarly to other Ak’ab’s with a minor twist.

Ak’ab Hatchling – at the beginning of the encounter, a swarm of hatchlings rush out to attack the party.  These creatures are fairly weak and die quickly.  However, when each dies, they leave a large blood effect on the ground.  A second wave of the hatchlings spawns roughly halfway through the boss fight.
Ak’ab Blood Sacrifice – this ground effect occurs after each hatchling dies.  The effect persists for a short period of time, during which it inflicts minor persistent damage.  A single tick of the effect is quite minor, persistent standing in the effect is ill advised.
Ground Burst – Once the first wave of adds are defeated, the Unbound Ak’ab enters the arena.  He comes in burrowing underground, visible only by the dirt being kicked up from his burrow path.  If his path passes over any player, that player is knocked back and takes damage from the Ground Burst effect.  This is actually fairly high damage, with a knockback/stun.  Worse, players can be knocked into the Blood Sacrifice
Dash – this is the basic physical attack common to mature Ak’ab’s everywhere.  It is a column attack that does moderate damage with a knockback.  The effect is easily avoided and should not impact your party.
Attack – The basic attack from the Unbound Ak’ab triggers roughly every 2 seconds.  It is moderately high physical damage.  Played properly, this should be the dominant damage source from the fight.

Next Boss – Mayan Battle Mage

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