Wayeb-Xul, the Hound of the Nameless Day

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The final boss fight of Darkness Wars is an epic battle.  The players begin the fight against a horde of Mayans, proceed to battle Wayeb-Xul (WX), return to fighting the Mayans, gain assistance from a Viking warlord wielding Excalibur, and then go into a full on donney-brook with WX and a host of Mayans at the same time.
The fight progresses through five phases (or four depending on how you look at it) and responsibilities change as the fight progresses.  This fight features several effects from prior battles, most significantly, the return of the Weaponized Mayan in the final stage.  Make sure you have ranged DPS ready to take out these walking bombs!
Tactic – our teams like to use what we call “the Toomah gambit,” named after the teammate who thought it up.  When you are looking down at the battle arena, you will notice that the far left and far right side have chalk circles.  Actually, the entire battle arena is a chalked in ritual map, but for our purposes the left circle becomes “home base.”  We head straight to that circle and use it to kill the Mayans.  We return to this spot in stage three and stage four.  This becomes a very useful tactic to managing stage five.
Stage One – Ending a Mayan ritual
Upon entering, head left to the circle referenced above.  Mayan groups will come running in.  AOE them down.  Beware that the larger Mayans do produce some damage and need to be knocked out fairly quickly in elite mode.  Eventually, you clear all the Mayans, who now lay dead at your feat, neatly sitting in the circle.
Stage Two – Introducing Wayeb-Xul
At this point, WX flies in from the void.  He makes a pretty impressive entry.  Players should be cautioned that WX is NOT immediately targetable on entry.  Indeed, he is actually on the ground for a few moments before you can interact with him.  DPS need to keep this in mind, as you really need to let the tank pick him up before piling on.  WX has a few interesting effects:
Filth Breath – As with the Xibalban Hound, WX likes to exhale a cone of filth onto the map.  This is a persistent dot effect which players must stay out of.  This can complicate the fight since more than one of his filth cones are usually up at a time.  The breath can be interrupted, though, if you have enough impairs in your group, this is a good effect to interrupt.  Otherwise, when WX begins casting the cone, the tank should strafe right (or left is fine too) and take a new position immediately outside the cone.  This assures that the second application of filth breath slightly overlaps the last, gradually making a circle on the map.
Red Circle Effect – WX also does a circular damage effect (enter the void?).  This effect will pull distant characters into it at the beginning of casting.  Even so, there is still enough time to get out of the effect before casting finishes.  Otherwise, you will take substantial damage and get knocked back.
Blur Effect – WX only does this once, during stage 2.  It’s a large ground pounce that causes your monitor to blur out.  There appears to be no other detrimental effect from this and it quickly clears.
Attack - WX deals out moderate filth damage throughout the fight.
Reanimate – After a short bit, WX will begin casting his reanimate.  This revives the defeated Mayans.  During Phase 2, WX returns to the void after completing his reanimate.
Stage 3
Players should return to the circle when WX begins casting reanimate.  The Mayans will respawn, in larger clusters.  As before simply burn them down in the circle.  Damage ramps up a bit during this phase because of the larger group size.  As in stage 1, try to keep the Mayans clustered in the circle.
Stage 4
A Viking Warlord comes onto the battle field and takes position in the center.  He is wielding Excalibur and the players receive a significant damage output buff when he comes onto the scene.  Mayans continue to revive, though, so stay in the circle and keep burning them down until Wayab-Xul returns.
Stage 5
Wayeb-Xul returns to the battlefield.  The tank needs to head to pick him up and the remainder of the team needs to leave the circle once the last Mayans are dead.  Ranged DPS should setup a perimeter in the battlefield center (around the Viking), while melee and healers can move over towards the tank.  In my experience, moving WX is problematic during this stage.  Sometimes he is very cooperative, but often he seems to want to stay close to the Viking and dish out damage to him.  Thus, I tend to simply fight him where he lands.

WX retains the same tricks from Stage 2, minus the group wide blur effect. However, WX adds one new wrinkle. During this stage, when he casts reanimate, he doesn’t leave! Mayans begin respawning and some of them will be the Weaponized Mayans you dealt with in the Batab Crusher and Mayan Battle Mage fights. It is essential for ranged dps to take out these slow moving bombs before they get near.

This is, ultimately, the reason for the Toomah tactic.  The Mayans will revive in the circle and begin making a beeline for a party member (usually the healer).  Since ranged DPS is setup as a fence between the Mayans and the tank/healer, ranged DPS has plenty of time to burn down the Mayans before they get into a danger location.  Burn down WX and finish up the dungeon!
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