Weakened Tank Build – Chaos/Hammer

Elite Tanking – Weakened Build

Hammer and Chaos Synergy

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This build uses a weakening trigger to synergize a number of damage and mitigation effects.  The build has worked well through elite dungeons.  It is a relative easy build to put together for those on an AP budget.

Active Abilities
Smash (Hammer) – 1AP
Escalation (Chaos) – 1AP
Razor Shards (Hammer Pit) – 9AP
Call for Eris (Chaos) – 1AP
Provoke (Turbulence) – 9AP
Mockingbird (Turbulence) – 27AP
Stoicism (Turbulence) – 50AP
Passive Abilities
Turbulence (the Fourth Wall) – 21AP
Gnosis (Chaos) – 1AP
Below the Belt (Hammer) – 1AP
Intensity (Chaos) – 1AP
Paradigm Shift (Chaos) – 2AP
Inevitability (Building Blocks) – 12AP
Agitator (Turbulence) – 12AP
Key Features
This build uses two builders, since both contribute useful weakened effects.  Smash (with Below the Beltpassive) provides one of the easiest accesses to the Debilitate debuff (target damage output weakened up to 30%).
Escalation (with Intensity passive) provides pbaoe hate generation, access to the Exposed debuff (target takes up to 30% more damage).  Escalation also triggers the Turbulence passive, giving you roughly 150 bonus to your evasion.
Additionally, since your builders both generate the weakened effect, you are routinely triggering the Gnossis (bonus damage), Paradigm Shift (up to 150 bonus hit rating) and Inevitability (flat 10% bonus to evade).

BUILD UPDATE – Consider slotting Gunsmoke instead of Gnosis.  Gunsmoke does 2x the damage of Gnosis.  

The Razor Shards finisher is a hate generator which also boosts the hate level of your next attack.  Use Razor Shards and follow it up with either Call for Eris or Smash to significantly boost hate without burning a taunt.
The build also features Mockingbird (hate generation with a small self heal) and Stoicism (hate generation with increased mitigation).  While there are better “pure defense” utility abilities in the game, Mockingbird and Stoicism both extend the tanks health bar while adding hate generation.  On top of that, the abilities each have relatively short recycles.  The 20 seconds uptime on these combined buffs means that you can theoretically keep a hate generation and extended hitpoint effect on yourself roughly 70% of the time.  Provoke is there for those situations when you absolutely have to get agro.
Alternate Smash and Escalate until 5 Resources, use Razor Shards and Call for Eris (depending on your chaos finisher, Razor Shards may be best used last).  Open with Stoicism first, fire Mockingbird when Stoicism effect ends.  After that cast your hate builders on recycle.
I often rotate the Call for Eris passive depending on the situation.  For large add fights, Reality Fracture provides a targeted aoe finisher with still more threat generation.  Karma provides pbaoe damage with a heal to next target.  Consequence is a good choice if you face a boss with significant damage output.
The build does not feature a passive elite ability.  Shield Formation (Hunkering Down), Forged in Fire (Battering Works), Prodigal (Shell Game), or Close Quarters (Restricted Access) are all potential fits to this build.  Consider replacing either Inevitability or Turbulence with an elite passive.
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10 Responses to Weakened Tank Build – Chaos/Hammer

  1. Great build. How would you prioritize gear stats here? Obviously for primary you are wanting health but what about secondary?

    Defense / Evade / Block?

  2. Ryahl says:

    My views on this have changed a bit over time. In general, defense is a solid stat since glancing hits (on you) don't crit. After defense, I like either physical or magical protection depending on the fight. Then I tend to go evade over block. I used to like block (and maybe will again after I play with some numbers a bit more), but the evade skill defensive passive is very nice. Any evade (100% avoidanc) gives you major mitigation on your next damage received. That's a lot of bang for the buck from evade.

    Your weapons, ideally should have hit for high difficulty content. If you are running lower QL stuff, maybe crit or pen is fine. But in general if you are glancing you aren't processing – and your damage (which is already low as a tank) gets a lot worse. This means less agro.

    Having said that, I don't worry about the stats TOO much prior to elite. Take what you can find. Jump at any glph-capable gear since you can glphy it yourself. Focus on glyphs based more on the gaps in your current gear rather than a preference order.

    Once you start getting Q10 blues it's time to worry about optimization.

    But, we need some serious theory crafting to really determine where the diminishing returns kick in. To date, the only person with posted numbers is really working from solo data, not dungeon data. Give it a few more weeks and we'll start getting a better idea of what gear matters where.

  3. elbee says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. elbee says:

    Hello, nice post, thx for sharing. I have one question. Is it possible to use Stones Throw instead of Provoke? Not sure how much hate it generates, but it would be nice to have ability with 15 sec cooldown. :)

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  6. James Robinson says:

    Building my way to this and thought this may be useful for others;

    Viper’s Deck Manager Import:

  7. Einkil says:

    The passive Breakdown (Chaos > The value of x) has been changed, and now apply Exposed on every blade, hammer and chaos hit, meaning you don’t need Escalation/Intensity for that now (btw, they’ve been updated too, and do not provide minor ward any more). It’s still a good couple though, thanks to the synergy with Turbulence, the increased hate and the reduced glance chance, but not as mandatory as before.

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      The main benefit of escalate/intensity is that its a very cheap way to get to exposed. For those on an AP budget its still the way to go. Once you have a bit of the chaos wheel built out, you can safely drop escalate.

      • Einkil says:

        Well, Breakdown is only 9 AP, but that makes sense… So, it’s the next step right ?
        Still, Intensity do not provide Minor Ward any more, you should update the description of the build accordingly.

        I have a question: why do Gnosis perform better on big packs of mobs? Mathematically speaking, the average damage of Gunsmoke and Gnosis do not depend on the number of targets hit by escalation/smash, am I wrong?

        By the way, nice work you’re doing here, I like your site, building philosophy, investigation guides, and your builds are a good start when you’re lost in the ability wheel :-)

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