Why can’t I….? (a response to the ‘I give up…” post)

Why Can’t I?

A Response to the “I give up” post

Why can’t I…

  • …solo in Blue Mountains?
  • …tank?
  • …heal in dungeons?

If you are trying to do something in TSW, and find you are failing miserably, you should following these points to address the problem:

  1. First, review your build.  Is your build doing what you want it to do?  Are you a tank in an effective tanking build? Is your healing build actually an effective healing build?  Is your DPS build focused?   If you are following an in game deck (and not in it completely), the answer to the questions above is typically no.  You should find an effective build to meet your goal.  I suggest going here to review a few tested builds that work.  You can use one of them, or use the knowledge you gain from reading over this info (Including A Philosophy on Builds and Build to Play, or Play to Build?) and design your own build that meets your needs.
  2. If your build isn’t an issue, and you are still having problems, the second thing you should look at is:  Is the build you are using correct for the goal you are trying to reach?  It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best tanking build if the fight is solo and requires you to be able to interrupt, or heal.  Review the fight/encounter you are attempting, and then look at your build.  Should it work?  If not, go back to point #1 and readdress your build.
  3. If build isn’t an issue, look at your skills.   What is the con of the mob?  If it is white to you, your weapon skills are on par with the fight.  The higher your weapon skill, the less likely your chance to glance. If you glance, you cannot crit, and your passive abilities cannot proc.   If you see yourself glancing a lot, you might need to put a point more into your weapon skill.  Keep in mind, however, the con of the mobs also assumes you have equal talisman skills as your weapon.  If your talisman skills are too low, this will impact your success as well.   (assuming your equipped items as the same QL as your skill)
  4. Gear Mis-match.   There can be two problems with your gear itself.  (a) your actual equipped talismans are too low level relative to what you are trying to accomplish (point 3 above).  (b) The second problem can be that your talismans do not have the correct mix of stats.  If your talismans have too little hit, you will glance too often.  Or, for example if you are a crit build, and you don’t have enough crit rate/power your abilities will not process.  (keep in mind, to crit you must first “not glance” which is skill/hit based).  If you are trying to tank, you need HPs and defensive stats.   If you want to heal with blood/claw, you should focus on nearly entirely healing power with Crit bonuses (your attack power doesn’t matter), and swap out a piece or two for HPs. 
  5. Rotations.  Having the right abilities and not using them in an effective way will cause you to underperform.   For example:  (1) My healing build utilizes open vein to build duel resources, however if you are not using both your finishers every time you fill up, you aren’t playing effectively.    (2) if your ability doesn’t use up all finishers, are you using it every time you can, or only when you fill both resources?  (3) if you have an ability that uses impairs, do remember to use them correctly so they are most effective?
  6. Pay attention to tells from monsters.  Is the mob immune or reactive to something?  (check their buff icons over their HP bar, it will tell you prior to engagement if something needs to be considered many times.  This is very true in Romania)   Is the mob casting some type of ability that you are not avoiding?  TSW does an amazing job removing the “watching the casting bar” in the game.  They have implemented a duel white ring system.  There are two rings, the outer ring is the range of the effect (stand outside the ring), the inner ring is the “casting bar”, you have until the inner ring reaches the outer ring to get out of the effect radius.  

These are just a few points to review if you feel you have “hit a wall” in TSW.  If you address these things, you should find yourself having more success.  Goodluck!   -Aela

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