Xibalban Bloodhound

Last Boss – Batab Crusher

The second boss encounter in the Darkness Wars is a ring event.  Players enter the battle arena to find a host of Mayans performing a ceremony to a filth hound on an altar.  The players must beat the various groups of Mayans to activate the Bloodhound. 
The Mayans come in small packs, with Bloodletters doing regular attack damage and the Niacom Warcallers doing an additional special attack, Fevered Blow, which appears to be a potentially stacking dot.  During this phase, Mayans are also performing an effect called Blood for the Blood dog, which apparently buffs the Bloodhound.  We have never seen this mechanic reach any significant level, but is worth noting that groups are probably advised to clear through the Mayans relatively quickly.  (realize, if you take too long to drop these adds, the dog will be a much tougher fight.  You should focus on getting the Mayans down before they can get 15 stacks up)
The Bloodhound activates, typically, with at least one group of Mayans still active.  This can create a small bit of problems for your tank and healer.  The tank needs to immediately shift to the Bloodhound, but this can potentially result in losing agro on the Mayans.  This isn’t a significant problem in the normal version, but could be problematic in the elite version.  The Bloodhound has several effects:
Blood Boils – As with the Batab Crusher, the Bloodhound will periodically become surrounded by a red circle.  When this casting animation completes, the effect does a pbaoe with knockback and stun.  Damage from Blood Boils is fairly high, players should avoid this effect at all costs.
Seething Stench – this appears to be the generic attack from the Bloodhound.  It is magical in nature and stacks, causing multiple ticks of damage each round.  There are roughly 2 seconds between ticks, but the tank will often be taking two stacks of this at a time.  The combined damage can be quite nasty for a Q6 tank.  Magic resistance and constant healing are required.
Underworld Miasma – the Bloodhound will also periodically cast a cone breath attack.  This places a filth effect on the ground which does persistent magic damage while it is up.  The damage per tick isn’t too bad, but consecutive rounds – particularly with multiple party members in it, can easily cause a wipe.  Making this particularly rough, the filth effect is often in place through an additional cast (or two), meaning a good chunk of the map can wind up covered in Filth.  The tank needs to move and reposition the hound in such a way to keep DPS engaged while leaving the tank a place to move should another breath effect begin.

Next Boss – Dark House Sorcerer

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